Sunday, February 8, 2009

Possible New Soap Studio

So, an exciting opportunity just presented itself to me this weekend. There is space available in a location that houses several small business including two fine art studios. Rent and utilities would total less than $500 per month. Financially, I can handle this...but barely, squeakin' by barely! I would have to cut back on a few things but I am willing to make those sacrifices. I am of the opinion that if I don't commit my all to this new business, then why do it. So, I have promised myself one year's time - also because the lease on the new space is for a year. If it doesn't prove cost effective, then it doesn't - and I will move back into my home studio. But I have a feeling it will. I am having very good feelings about this, positive vibes...not feelings of dread and mistakes. I'm not opening a retail store...this will just be my studio.

So, now the fun part! Why would this space be so great? Well, I'll blog about the benefits of being close to those art studios in another post (I have to save stuff to blog about!). This space would be great because:

  • It's close to my home
  • It's affordable
  • There are benefits to the location, which I will blog about in another post
  • It's big enough for ALL of my stuff and more
  • I can keep all of my supplies and inventory in one space (right now, some things I keep in my home studio, some in the main kitchen in the pantry, etc.)
  • The front door happens to be very close to where my mom has her gallery. Someone needs to keep an eye on that Italian woman!
  • It's not at my house - When I come home, maybe my dogs will have missed me.
  • It's a great reason to go shopping at Ikea.


  1. This sounds wonderful! So did you go for it? I'd love to hear more and see some pics! I dream of the day when I can have a separate workspace from my kitchen and bedroom. If only space rent in San Diego was as affordable! Well, please post more info about your cool new studio!

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Yes! I did got for it and I actually moved in less than two weeks ago. I am still getting it all set up and will post pics very soon :)