Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Soaps - No Names Yet, Ready June 15

These soaps are a mixture of cold process soap and glycerin soap. I think they turned out awesome. The blue one is a creamy mixture of coconut and musk. The pink/orange one is sweet orange and jasmine.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vacation and New Soaps

I'm heading out on vacation for a few days but I wanted to post pics of my two newest soaps that currently reside in the Curing House and an experiment that I think will turn out pretty groovy.

The oatmeal soap is called Avena, which means oatmeal in Italian. And the plain, white-ish one is named Bianca, which means white in Italian. Both soaps are vegan - made with all vegetable oils and no animal products. The only addition is the oatmeal in Avena. Bianca is uncolored and unscented.

I had some Bianca left over so I poured the remainder into a slab-type mold and let it set up a bit, then poured hot, scented, and colored glycerin. It's scented with jasmine and sweet orange eo. It looks really cool and I can't wait to experiment more with this. I will when I get back from vacation.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love the New Labels

The new labels arrived and they sure are pretty and shiny! I just need to learn to put them on straight. I think this is *one* of the best investments I have made so far. In about three weeks, these labels will have paid for themselves.

I got them from Lightning Labels and I plan to use them again.